FAQs Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q. Do I need a fishing license?

A. No. You don't need any fishing license or trout stamp to fish Cooper Creek Trout Pond.

Q. Is there a cover charge to fish?

A. There is a $2.00 charge per person to fish. Friends, family members, etc can watch for free.

Q. When is Cooper Creek Trout Pond open?

A. Cooper Creek Trout Pond is open all year round. We open for business daily 10:00am and close at 4:00pm.

Q. Do you supply tackle?

A. We supply fishing rods and reels, nets and buckets. Some people prefer to bring their own fishing tackle. We reserve the right to inspect and allow or disallow private fishing tackle. Certain light weight tackle, lures, and gear may be injurious to the fish and snag or lose trout.

Q. How much do you charge per pound for fish?

A. $5.40/lb. for the whole fish.

Q. Must I keep all the fish I catch?

A. YES. The Cooper Creek Trout Pond fishing experience is designed to provide the best in fishing entertainment and the highest quality of fish. To maintain these standards it is our policy that you keep what you catch. However, there is an alternative. Some people who love to catch fish don't necessarily want to take them all home. In this case, the customer pays for the fish and lets Cooper Creek clean and donate them as it sees fit.

Q. Do you have Ice and Coolers for sale?

A. Yes, if you need either of these items we sell ice by the bag and inexpensive Styrofoam coolers to safely transport your fish in. fish. To maintain these standards it is our policy that you keep what you catch.

Q. Do you clean the fish?

A. We can clean them for you.

Q. Do you offer instruction on how to best catch fish?

A. Our expert staff is there to help you have fun. We have helped many people learn to fish better.

Q. Can you accommodate large groups and parties?

A. Absolutely, you can call ahead or just show up.

Q. Will you catch fish for us?

A. Yes, it is best to call ahead for large amounts because it can get really busy. We can have them cleaned for you when you arrive if you want. Orders over 10lbs. need to be paid for in advance.